Building a custom home is ideal for those seeking to tailor their living space to their specific needs. If you’re considering constructing a custom home in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, selecting a reputable contractor like Midtown Builders Group is crucial. In this blog post, we’ll highlight common mistakes to steer clear of during the custom home-building process, along with tips on how to avoid them. For more insights, continue reading below.

What are the typical mistakes homeowners make when constructing a custom home?

Selecting the Wrong Location

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Before embarking on building your custom home, the initial step is to choose the right location or purchase a suitable lot. Many homeowners make the mistake of opting for a location solely based on its cheaper price tag.

However, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. It’s crucial to understand that properties in prime locations tend to have higher values.

Therefore, when planning to build a custom home, it’s essential to invest in the best lot available within your budget. Choosing a good location can not only enhance your living experience but also increase the value of your property over time.

Forgetting to Hire Contractors From the Start

When undertaking the construction of a custom home, it’s vital to assemble a team before commencing any work. This team should include an architect, builder, contractor, and interior designer.

It’s imperative to have the entire team on board from the outset of the design-build process. Doing so ensures proper budgeting and helps prevent any setbacks that may arise when introducing a new team member after the design process has commenced or been completed.

Not Allocating Enough Time for the Design Process

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During the design phase of constructing a custom home, it’s perfectly acceptable to make numerous changes while the plans are still on paper. However, it’s crucial to avoid making significant alterations once construction has begun. Sufficient time should be dedicated to the design process to ensure a high-quality design for your custom home. This helps prevent potential costly changes once the construction process is underway.

Failing to Make Timely Decisions

Constructing custom homes involves lengthy lead times and tight schedules, making it crucial to make decisions promptly. Timely choices and selections are essential to avoid delays in the construction timeline. This approach ensures that the design plan is completed on schedule, facilitating a smooth construction process.


When embarking on the journey of building a custom home, it’s vital to commit to your decisions. Constantly changing your mind can disrupt the construction process and lead to unnecessary delays and stress. It’s important to trust your initial decisions and seek clarification from your team if needed to avoid second-guessing.

Neglecting to Prepare a Contingency Fund

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Throughout the construction of a custom home, it’s prudent to set aside additional funds for unforeseen circumstances. Having a contingency fund of 10-20% of the overall construction budget ensures financial readiness to address unexpected issues that may arise during the building process. This buffer provides peace of mind and safeguards against potential budget overruns.

Avoid Hiring Unskilled Workers or Subcontractors

When constructing a custom home, it’s crucial to avoid hiring unskilled or inexperienced subcontractors. Place your trust in your contractor to assemble a team of skilled subcontractors capable of delivering high-quality work.

Instructing subcontractors directly during the construction process is not recommended. Instead, rely on your construction manager or contractor to address any construction-related concerns you may have.

Delaying Lot Purchase Until Design Decisions

Many homeowners make the mistake of purchasing a lot before determining the type of house they want to build. It’s essential to consider lot features such as proximity to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and privacy. Before buying land, ensure to check:

  • Availability of electricity, gas, sewer, and water lines
  • Adequacy of the drainage system
  • Clearing of trees, bushes, and shrubs for home construction, driveway, and yard
  • Zoning regulations and construction permits from the city office

Anticipate the associated costs and request a feasibility analysis before finalizing the lot purchase. This approach ensures informed decision-making and helps prevent unexpected challenges during the construction process.

Building a Home That Does Not Suit the Land

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When constructing a custom home, it’s crucial to consider the characteristics of your land. Is your chosen house plan compatible with the lot? It’s essential not to simply adopt a pre-made house plan without ensuring its suitability for your specific lot.

Don’t overlook critical factors such as solar panel installation potential. Does your lot receive sufficient sunlight, or is it mostly shaded throughout the day?

Consult with the homeowner’s association to obtain approval for your house design. Additionally, be aware that some cities impose restrictions on home sizes. Understanding these limitations beforehand is vital before embarking on your custom home project.

Opt for a local home builder as they possess in-depth knowledge of local rules and regulations governing home construction. Their expertise enables them to ask the right questions, ensuring you select a lot that aligns perfectly with your desired custom home design.

Building a Custom Home with Without Sustainability in Mind

When constructing a custom home, it’s essential to prioritize sustainable building methods. Traditional home building processes can generate carbon emissions harmful to the environment. By embracing sustainable practices, you not only reduce your carbon footprint but also save money and cut long-term energy costs.

One crucial aspect is choosing materials and methods that enhance the home’s heating and cooling efficiency. This not only contributes to environmental conservation but also lowers monthly energy bills.

Consider incorporating the following sustainable methods into your custom home project: Installing high-efficiency windows, employing spray-foam insulation, and integrating high-efficiency HVAC systems. These measures promote energy efficiency, stabilize indoor temperatures, and ensure cleaner indoor air quality.

Not Preparing a Budget

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When embarking on the journey of building a custom home, it’s crucial to establish a budget. By setting a clear budget, you can determine your spending limits and ensure financial discipline throughout the construction process. Discuss your budget with your contractor during the design phase to align expectations and avoid overspending on specific aspects of the project.

Engage with your entire team, including your interior designer, to ensure that the home design aligns with your budgetary constraints. This collaborative approach helps in making informed decisions and prevents unnecessary expenses.

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