Home Renovation After A Fire

Project Description

This home had a fire in the garage that quickly spread to the 2nd floor and the attic. After the fire, the house was a total loss. The only thing we were able to save was the basement foundation.

We removed the ruined parts of the house and started fresh. For the most part, we kept the same plan but included new improvements. The homeowners wanted to take this opportunity to make changes to the layout, such as making the laundry room three times larger. The dining area was expanded to accommodate their large family.

They were able to get a 100% new house with a covered screen porch that allows them to watch Grandkids swimming. We rehabilitated the pool and added a detached garage/garden shed.

The family found us through their designer, and this is another example of satisfied customers reaching out to us to get a fantastic home.

- Home Renovation After A Fire

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