If you are building your dream home in Metro Atlanta, Georgia you must hire the best home builder like Midtown Builders Group. If you need help building a custom home and you do not know how to do it, you came to the right place. In this blog post, we will be sharing a guide to hiring a home builder in Atlanta, Georgia. Make sure to continue scrolling below if you are interested to know more information. 

Find the best custom home builder 

When choosing a custom home builder to help you with the construction of your home, you must do some research. You can find experts near you that have the experience and skills in building homes that are similar to what you have in mind.

You can also check for houses that have the same building job as yours. You can ask them when the house was built and you can also check if the project is similar to yours. They can be a reliable source of information regarding the problems they experienced during the construction process and the solutions that they used and if they worked successfully.

You can read client reviews online for local builders in your area. Take a look at their specialties, then you can make a shortlist of potential builders. You can then interview them so you can choose which one suits your needs. Make sure to use careful judgment when reading and discerning the available reviews online so you can spot the real from the fake ones. 

Request quotes from potential builders 

You can contact at least 3 builders from your shortlist. You can request a quote from them according to the size and nature of the construction project. It is not unusual that they may be unable to provide an accurate estimate or quote while you are speaking to them on the phone. The best way for them to provide an accurate estimate is through a site inspection where the potential home builder gives you advice and provides options. They must collect enough information first before issuing a quote to you. 

If you have plans or drawings used for the project’s planning permission, you can provide copies to the potential builders so they can provide an accurate quote.

You must avoid agreeing to work with someone on the spot especially if they are trying to convince you right then and there. You must do site visits from at least three different companies so you can compare their quotes. A reliable builder will never pressure you into agreeing to a job without undergoing the proper process. 

You must ask the builder to include the cost of materials, supplies, scaffolding, and waste removal in the quote. Stay away from building contractors tempting you with their offers that include cash or VAT-free deals. 

Keep in mind that when you are presented with a cheap quote, it does not mean it is the best option for you to take. You must also consider the quality of their work; you must check the client testimonials or ask them to provide you with a list of customer references so you can check them. You must also follow your gut feeling if you think you should stay away from a specific company and move on to a new one. 

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Hiring a custom builder

When hiring a custom builder in Metro Atlanta, you must do the following:

You must check if your first choice builder is available to accept your project and follow your schedule and deadline. Ask for the builder’s copy of public liability insurance. This is important because it will cover the work that will be done on your property. You must make sure that the project will be covered by an insurance-backed warranty. A responsible custom home builder will provide you with copies of the necessary paperwork with no questions asked. 

You must ask for a written contract for bigger jobs. You can consider the following questions:

  • What will happen if unforeseen changes occur?
  • Will there be penalties if the work will be late?
  • Will extended weather disturbances affect the progress of the job?
  • What are the different materials that will be used? Who is the supplier for these said materials?
  • Is the company planning to outsource labor? Who are they? What aspect of the construction will they be working on?
  • What will happen if any work output does not meet the satisfactory standard of the client?

These questions can be complex but you must sort everything such as work hours, skip tracing, and other important aspects in advance so you can avoid possible disputes later on. You must also schedule regular meetings on the site for updates regarding the progress of the construction project.

Paying the custom builder 

You must set a schedule for payments in advance before the project begins. This must be included in the contract. 

You must expect that the builder will require you to pay an installment upfront, especially if your project is a big job like building a custom home, a garage conversion, or home extensions. If the job is consisting of different phases, you can ask if you can pay for each stage after it is completed. 

When the project is done: You must check the following parameters:

  • Is the project complete?
  • Are you content with their work?
  • Is the site already tidied up? Or does it still need cleaning? 
  • Are all important certificates, permits, and other paperwork provided to you?

You must check the custom home for any snagging works. Snagging is the process of checking the work done on the project before they are finished. You must compile a list of the unsatisfactory or outstanding job that needs to be done. 

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