If you are planning for a bedroom makeover but do not know the basics and how to do it, Midtown Builders Group in Metro Atlanta Georgia can help you out. We are offering construction services such as home remodeling. Before you start remodeling your bedroom you must first know the reason why you want to remodel it.

You must also understand that there are certain aspects that you must consider before starting the remodeling process. In this blog post, we will be sharing four bedroom remodeling ideas to consider. Make sure to continue reading below to find out more information. 

Consider using lively colors 

The colors of your bedroom can affect its overall appearance therefore you must use a color that you love. You must choose a color that makes you happy and adds warmth to your bedroom. There are plenty of colors to choose from. Do not settle on something dull and lifeless. You can go for classic colors because they can help make your bedroom pop. If you have a big bedroom, you can go for cool colors. These colors have a calming and relaxing effect. Some examples of cool colors are blue-green, light blue, gray, and blue-violet. 

If you have a small bedroom you can go for light colors such as yellow and soft pink which have a soothing effect. You can also add an accent wall to serve as a focal point of your bedroom. Accent walls can be an excellent way to unify the bedroom’s theme. 

Different colors offer different energies. Since the bedroom is your main relaxation center, you must avoid using high-energy colors such as bright green, deep red, and bold and tropical tones. 

Upgrade the lighting 

The lighting is one of the main aspects of the bedroom that you can improve during the remodeling process. If you love to read before going to bed you must consider placing bedroom reading lights that have LED bulbs. It is bright enough to provide light so you can read without straining your eyes too much. LED lights are good for aging eyes. You must choose a bedroom reading light that is focused on you so you won’t be disturbing your partner while they are sleeping. 


Installing a chandelier in your bedroom can add elegance and sophistication. Bedrooms need small lighting fixtures. A chandelier can be a great addition to a minimalist or modern bedroom. 

Before adding a chandelier you must consider the following:

  • Have a high ceiling
  • Choose a chandelier with adjustable lighting
  • Place the chandelier in the middle of the bedroom
  • If you are planning to have a sitting area, you can use a chandelier for defining spaces

Wall Sconces 

This lighting fixture comes in different shapes and sizes. They can be a great way to elevate the appearance of the bedroom. It is a lighting fixture installed on the wall. If you want to improve the lighting aesthetic of your bedroom, wall sconces can be a perfect choice for you. 

Pendant Light 

This lighting fixture is commonly used in modern bedrooms. They are versatile and stylish light fixtures that can make your bedroom look amazing. It is installed on the ceiling. It hangs down from the ceiling using a long rod or chain. You must have a high ceiling if you are considering installing a pendant light in your bedroom.

Upgrade the flooring 

When remodeling your bedroom, you can also consider changing the flooring. Your floor must be warm, cozy, and safe especially if you have kids running around. Adding new flooring can make your bedroom comfortable and suit your style. 

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Check out the following flooring options to choose from.


Carpets are soft and can keep you warm. They come in different styles, colors, and designs. You can choose whichever design you like especially if it suits your bedroom’s style. There are two types of carpets, the loop pile, and the cut pile. 

Area rugs 

Area rugs are articles that can be placed over carpets. If your bedroom has hard flooring such as hardwood floors or laminate it can be a great addition to soften the floor. It will also provide comfort and warmth during wintertime. Area rugs that have different sizes, colors, and designs can also serve as artwork for your bedroom floor. You must choose quality area rugs that last longer than those made from cheap materials. 

Laminate flooring 

Laminate flooring comes in different designs and styles. You can choose designs that look like natural wood. You can also choose those that fit your bedroom’s decoration. If you have a limited budget, it is a cost-effective option than hardwood. It is easy to set up and easy to clean however, it is prone to scratches. Avoid spilling water and other liquids on it as it can easily buckle. 

Wood flooring 

If you prefer a classy look for your bedroom’s flooring, you can use wood flooring such as hardwood floors. They can add warmth and style to your current décor. Some of the famous hardwood floors in the market are ash, maple, oak, and walnut.

Add indoor plants to your existing décor 

Indoor plants are an excellent addition to your bedroom decorations. Aside from enhancing the oxygen levels inside your home, they can also make your bedroom look rich and lively. Live indoor plants can improve the mood of your space and provide a calming effect to you and your family. Examples of indoor plants are snake plants, peace lilies, rubber plants, ferns, and English ivy.

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