It’s true what you’ve probably heard a lot of people say: kids grow up way too fast! You’re cradling them in your arms, trying to get them to sleep one minute, and then you’re sending them off to college. Although parents treasure every second of their children’s lives, the teenage years are undoubtedly the most difficult. The only thing parents can do at this point is exercise caution because children at this age are rebellious and mischievous.

So, if you have a teen living at home, it’s time to let go of the boss and be the coolest parent in the neighborhood. They’ll love having you around, and so will their friends! To be honest, you don’t have to do much; simply being the type of parent their friends trust is half the battle! Making your home the teenagers’ favorite hangout is one way to achieve this.

When children reach their adolescent years, they become more social. They enjoy spending time with their friends, partying, and generally being cool. By creating a teen-friendly environment in your home, you can keep your children within safe boundaries.

Here are some tips to help you make your home a safe place for teens, so you can rest easy knowing they are protected from harm while also loving you more for it.

How To Make Your Home Teen-Friendly

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Never limit their potential

The worst scenario for a teen is a cramped, cluttered living situation. You can always make your house appear larger and cozier, regardless of how big or small it is. Decluttering is the first step in spiffing up a small area. Hold a garage sale to get rid of all the large and outdated furniture. If your possessions are too valuable to sell, consider renting a self-storage unit to keep them safe until you need them.

Next, add a dash of modernity to your home. Use multipurpose furniture, make the most of the available space, experiment with lighting, hang mirrors on the wall, and if at all possible, increase the number of windows. Having closet or under-bed storage will also help you make the most of your available space.

Teenagers’ capacity to learn is enhanced when they have a large space to hang out. It allows them to learn, and their creativity allows them to try new things. You can also designate areas for reading, working, studying, etc. depending on the occasion.

Refurbish their bedroom

Now that your child is no longer a baby, you can assist them in updating their old bedroom. When remodeling, be sure to get your teen’s permission, inform them of the idea, and take into account their suggestions. Consider adding a little sophistication to your child’s room in place of baby-like beddings, adorable curtains, and picture books.

Keep in mind that choosing the right furniture and lighting is equally important. Use a sofa-cum-bed as an alternative in a space that is too small for both a bed and a sofa. Just fold the bed up when friends are over and they need to move around.

Or how about adding a modern touch to your teen’s room with an indoor hanging chair? Your teen can spend hours studying or unwinding in a comfortable chair, and their room will look cozier. Additionally, if your teen has an artistic streak, you can let their room reflect their personality. If they enjoy music, allow them to set up their preferred instrument or speakers, or a PlayStation. 

Set aside a space for them to hang out

Teenagers may feel awkward hanging out with their friends in the living room when you are present. They will feel more comfortable if you give them a space of their own to host visitors. Adding a family room to your house or turning your garage into a hangout for teenagers are two options.

Maintain a casual dining atmosphere

When your teen’s friends come over, there is no reason to set a formal table and play soft classical music in the background. Even so, you can join them for dinner. Just opt for a relaxed barbecue, ideally outside, instead of a stuffy formal meal.

Stock up on teen-friendly foods

Teenagers are constantly hungry. To ward off the temptation of junk food, keep a supply of healthy snacks on hand for your teen and their friends. Make homemade pizza, nachos, fruit, and juices using ingredients that are easily accessible. However, don’t skimp on the chips and popcorn. As long as the snacks are paired with nutritious meals, serving a small amount of each is okay.

Setting higher backyard standards

Making changes to your yard will benefit both your home’s value and appearance. You can also nudge your adolescent to spend more time outside, breathe clean air, and get their recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.

Place high-quality, yet comfortable, chairs and tables in a shady area of the backyard. You can add a hammock where your children can nap, read a book, or entertain their friends. Building a fire pit or a pool is another excellent idea. You could also add an outdoor kitchen or a grill. If you have enough room and budget, you can have a seating area that is useful all night. The best part is that you can do it with your friends as well.

Turn your garage into a granny flat

Children do not leave when they reach the age of 18, so a little forethought now can pay off for years. This additional area is adjacent to the main house and can, as needed, be used as a guest house or a place for teenagers to party. Is there a teen who wouldn’t appreciate such a getaway?

Have a recreation area

Do your teenagers frequently whine about being bored? You can keep them occupied and encourage them to stay in rather than leave the house by providing an entertainment room. When designing the entertainment room, be sure to consider your teen’s favorite hobby. Install a big TV with Netflix and a PlayStation as well.

A pool table, table tennis set, pinball machine, or air hockey set can also be moved there to add some life to the space.

You’ll attract bored teens looking for a place to hang out and have fun on the weekends with an entertainment room like this. If it’s in a private room, they’ll be even happier because they can talk openly without worrying that their parents (and siblings) are listening in.

It would be better to soundproof this space rather than wasting time asking them to lower the volume. Even though this is their personal space, the entire family will be using it, so make sure you lay out some ground rules.


These remodeling ideas are just a few of the ways you can encourage your teen to love their house even more. Giving your teenager plenty of room to do their thing and hang out with their friends will make you feel more at ease knowing that they are safe at home. They’ll know you’re constantly thinking of them, which will not only make them feel safer but also more loved.

If you’re looking for professional help in making your home in the Metro Atlanta area more teenager-friendly, call Midtown Builders Group Building and Development today. We are committed to providing a quality structure while meeting all deadlines and budget requirements. Our focus on customer service ensures you will be pleased with our projects.