It is undeniable that bathroom renovations are the most expensive ones. Most likely, a complete renovation will cost you between $30k and $70k or even more. With such a significant cost, it is only critical that you get the essential elements right to ensure that every cent counts. That is why we share with you some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when remodeling your bathroom.

Keep Your Plumbing Locations

Most probably, you are aware that one of the greatest ways to save money on your bathroom renovation is to keep your plumbing locations, such as your taps and toilet. However, this can only be applicable if you have an incredible layout to start with.

Your bathroom renovation will probably cost at least thirty thousand or more, depending on whether you decide to keep your current plumbing system or not. Hence, keeping your plumbing in its current location where it is for the sake of obtaining more savings would not just be a wasted opportunity if it can only result in a poorly laid out bathroom.

The only way you can save money if you keep your existing plumbing locations is to make sure that there are no compromises regarding aesthetics and functionality. Otherwise, create a bathroom layout that can move any plumbing necessities where suitable, and maximize your footprint.

Underestimate The Cost

Simply put, you should first set your budget before you do any research or gather quotes. Most likely, this can result in a nearly precise bathroom renovation estimate. The reason behind this is that various products such as tapware, sanitary ware, cabinetry, tiles, etc. come in various options and prices.

Window shopping, hitting the pavement, and browsing Pinterest and Instagram are essential steps for setting your budget and researching products. This is done so that you can have some ideas on how much you have to spend to obtain the finish you want.

You should also allocate allowances for the labor, builder, and trades. Most importantly, there should be an addition of 10% to 20% contingency for covering the unexpected costs which could likely occur.

Having a Poor Layout

Remember that squeezing all your fixtures into your small bathroom will not add any value to the space. If you don’t have enough space for your bathroom, then you might consider whether it is important for your design, or perhaps you could incorporate this into your other bathroom.

Squeezing too much into a small bathroom can make it crowded and diminish its appeal and functionality. On the other hand, a large bathroom with fixtures and too many empty spaces in between can feel unfinished and enormous. That is why you should get your layout done right. This is more crucial than aesthetics.

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Poor Ventilation and Lighting

Having a damp and dark bathroom is not at all appealing. That is why it is vital to have sufficient ventilation and lighting in your bathroom. Be sure to incorporate good ventilation into your design by investing in skylights, openable windows, and an extractor fan for circulating and eliminating moisture.

Lighting should come in a variety of heights and from various sources. Likewise, it should be a combination of artificial and natural lights. Skylights and windows are necessary for maximizing natural light.

It should be accompanied by adequate lighting fixtures, particularly at the mirror and vanity. With a backlit mirror, your bathroom can have functional and attractive lighting. Most of all, it can create sophistication and ambiance, especially at night.

Restricting Your Budget on Waterproofing

One of the costliest mistakes you will ever make on your bathroom renovation is probably skimping your waterproofing. Poor installation and insufficient waterproofing can probably result in untimely structural damage and deterioration, as well as an invasion of termites.

Even if there is a small leak in your waterproofing system, it can still result in ripping everything so that you can re-tile and re-waterproof your entire bathroom. So, if you want to do your waterproofing to save on the cost, then you should consider if it’s worth the risk. Perhaps working with a licensed, well-experienced contractor would be a worthwhile investment.

Wrong Estimates of Installation Heights

Not having the right heights when installing fittings, fixtures, and plumbing can be a disaster. Keeping them too close or too far can compromise the aesthetics. At the same time, it can also impact its functionality and ergonomics.

Failure to Adhere to a Theme

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With so many themes available, from moody and coastal to modern and dramatic, you can easily get carried away and end up making the space overbearing or underwhelming. Furthermore, combining contrasting or numerous can make your space feel cluttered.

The worst thing that could happen is you isolate your bathroom style so that it affects the flow when visualized along with the rest of the house. So, how will you involve the mood you want to show on your desired theme while incorporating the style and architecture of the whole house?

The best solution would be to determine your style so you will know the right theme for you. You can create a mood board to bring together the style and details. You should begin with the main element, either the material, textile, or color, to help you define the feel of your bathroom. When choosing elements. Be sure that it can complement your major details.

Using a curated approach permits you to change your vision before making a purchase or beginning your project. It is even better if you have a personalized style you can share with a bathroom designer.

Not Having a Cohesive Look

Your bathroom space should be cohesively designed so that everything will flow smoothly. This is important in adding a sense of relaxation to your space. So, be sure that the textures, colors, finishes, lighting, fittings, and size of the space should complement each other. Avoid working with inexperienced designers since they won’t be able to effectively layer color, texture, pattern, and shape to make the room appealing,

Consequently, if there is a problem with the space, then you should look for ways to maximize it, so it does not look uncluttered. At the same time, if you have a large space that does not have a well-thought layout, then it can feel empty-looking and uninspiring with all the fixtures surrounding the area and having an empty space in the center.

The best solution is to create a cohesive look. Although it does not mean that everything should match. It is probably a good idea to add some interesting things to the design and let your personality stand out. Even if you are only renovating the bathroom and not the entire house, it is essential that your design selections should add depth and interest to the space.

Instead of attempting to reinvent the wheel, you might consider using the same style elements that can be seen throughout your house to ensure that everything flows smoothly. Another alternative would be to choose an eye-catching focal point to make things easier.

Then, you can use it as the tone for the entire space. Although you can make your bathroom extraordinary by figuring out what you love, then you can let your design evolve over time by introducing new things instead of decorating all at once.

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