Are you looking for ways to make your small bathroom appear larger? Look no further than the expert advice from Midtown Builders Group. Our blog post on small bathroom remodeling ideas offers creative solutions for maximizing space and creating a brighter, more open feel. Keep reading for more tips and inspiration.

Limited square footage in a bathroom can make decorating a challenge, but with the right renovation techniques, your bathroom can look and feel larger. Discover the list of small bathroom remodeling ideas from the team at Midtown Builders Group.

Use light and bright colors 

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When remodeling a small bathroom you must consider using bright and light colors. This will make the room brighter and feel more spacious. You can also use light-colored fabric curtains to allow natural light to enter the bathroom. 

Use dark colors 

Dark-colored bathrooms can provide depth and the illusion of a bigger space. You can use dark colors with a high-gloss effect. The combination can provide a night sky effect and also reflect the small amount of light in your bathroom.

When doing this, you can focus your attention on the bathroom light fixtures so make sure to choose wisely. You must go for light bulbs that provide white bright light. Adjustable light fixtures can help set the mood if you want to relax while having a bath after a long day.

Use mirrors 

If you have a small bathroom, you can add a mirror to the wall of your bathroom. Do not just place it above the vanity area. The mirror’s placement can help reflect light that will make the room appear bigger and brighter. Adding multiple mirrors on the bathroom wall can also be effective in making a small bathroom appear bigger and more spacious. 

Go for a glass shower door 

If you are starting a bathroom remodel from scratch, you must stay away from using shower curtains. You can go for glass shower doors as it provides an illusion of a bigger and more spacious bathroom. If you think a shower door is not a good idea, you can also just remove it. 

Use a backlight on the mirror 

A backlight on the mirror can provide additional lighting making the bathroom appear brighter and more spacious. It can be a great idea if you want to go for a minimalistic bathroom look or if you do not have enough space to install sconce lighting on the bathroom wall. 

Use tiles 

Tiles are durable and versatile materials to use in the bathroom, they can be used from the floor to the ceiling. Small bathroom walls can be decorated with small ceramic tiles which also costs less. 

Install the shower curtain higher 

Place the shower curtain past the usual height of the bathtub. Placing it near the ceiling can help elongate the walls and make them seem taller than usual. 

Replace the old bathroom door with a pocket door 

Replacing the old bathroom door with a pocket door that tucks away into the wall can make the bathroom more spacious. This can open up room for additional storage space. 

Clear the bathroom floor 

The floor of the bathroom must be free from vanity or storage containers that can cause the small space to become more cramped and crowded. Use a pedestal or floating sink to keep the floor clear from these tripping hazards. For additional storage space, a floating storage can be installed on the wall. 

Use a large-scale wallpaper 

Wallpapers and tile patterns that are medium to big sizes can make the small bathroom space appear larger. 

Use high-gloss paint 

When repainting a small bathroom, make sure to choose high-gloss paint. It can help reflect light and provide the illusion that the space is bigger. 

Expand the tile installation into the shower 

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When renovating the bathroom tiles; make sure to expand the installation up to the shower area. Unbroken lines can provide an illusion that the space has more depth. Using the same type of tiles on the bathroom floor and shower with unbroken surfaces can make the entire bathroom space seem bigger. 

Use patterned tiles for the floor 

Floor tiles with patterns can provide an illusion so your small bathroom will appear larger.

Install a waterproof shelf in the shower 

A small bathroom needs space for storage. A small-sized waterproof shelf in the shower area can be used for storing soaps and shampoo bottles and other bathroom essentials. The shelf is easy to install and won’t take up too much space. 

Use a shower niche 

To save more space in a small bathroom, a shower niche can be a nice addition. A tiled shower niche is better than a plastic caddy. 

Add a ledge 

A narrow ledge on the entire length of a small bathroom can be used for placing a mirror, toothbrush holder, and other bathroom necessities. 

Install a tower bar 

A tower bar can be installed on the side of a floating sink. This can help small bathrooms with limited space. 

Change the old bathroom accessories 

Throw away the old bathroom accessories. Use patterned towels, vintage rugs, and stylish lighting to add personality to a small bathroom. Lighting fixtures are considered as jewelry of a room, use them to make your small bathroom become stylish and sophisticated. 

Change the bathroom sink 

A small bathroom must have a tiny corner sink. It is small and provides extra space for your other bathroom fixtures. Since it is smaller than a full-size standard sink, it is easier and faster to clean and maintain. 

Use compact bathroom pieces 

When choosing bathroom vanities, toilets, sinks, and tubs, make sure to choose compact pieces. Floating versions of sinks can help open up space. A Japanese soaking tub can be a great option if you need a tub for a small bathroom.

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