Deciding to remodel your kitchen is a significant investment of both time and money. A big kitchen remodel can and often will cost more than $75,000, according to Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs Value Report.

Furthermore, renovation is inconvenient because you need to access the room every day. As a result, homeowners usually postpone this enormous project until “someday,” unsure of the appropriate time to handle this huge task.

A kitchen remodel not only meets a need for your house but also increases value and makes the family happy. So, if you’re ready for more joy but are unsure if the moment is perfect, here are 10 signs your kitchen will tell you that it is.

You now have different needs

Whether you’re expecting your first kid or sending your child off to college, the size of your family changes with time. With a change in size comes a change in lifestyle and meal preparation habits. A change in employment, or the beginning of one, that requires you to spend more time away from home, has an impact on how you use your kitchen. It also does when one retires from a career that requires working outside the home. Other life events that may affect your kitchen needs include:

  • Wanting to entertain
  • Taking up cooking or baking as a new hobby
  • Changes necessary for accessibility
  • Deciding to sell the house

You don’t have enough storage or prep space

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Every cook requires enough space for storing food and appliances as well as preparing meals. Older kitchens don’t have as many of the modern specialized storage options, and they don’t have as much counter space as contemporary designs. If you find yourself preparing food in a small part of your kitchen and fumbling through cluttered cupboards for sugar, you might consider a few of the options listed below:

  • Pull-outs to keep your spices
  • Drawer organizers for k-cups or devices
  • A magnetic wall strip that lifts the knife block from the counter
  • Cabinets for stowing away small appliances like a mixer or toaster
  • Baking sheet storage in compact base cabinets

Your kitchen is disorganized

The “kitchen triangle rule” is a design principle used in kitchens to create traffic flow. The stove/oven, sink, and refrigerator should all form the three ends of a triangle with nothing in the way of the path connecting them as these appliances are the ones that get used the most in the space.

This triangle’s perimeter should be between 13 and 26 feet, with each side measuring between 4 and 9 feet long. A bottleneck is formed when one of the triangle’s sides is less than four feet long.

Anything longer than 9 feet is inefficient. And if an island makes it difficult to move from one location to another, you tend to become a disgruntled cook. A kitchen that does not adhere to this criterion should be remodeled.

You lack space for entertaining

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While you’re serving beverages, plating the hors d’oeuvres, or pulling dessert out of the oven, visitors are welcome to drop by a spacious, open kitchen.

Consider expanding up your kitchen and adding an island for extra seating if you notice that you are losing out on the conversation in the adjacent room when you entertain friends. You can also use the elements that follow to keep your visitors entertained:

  • A coffee shop or beverage station
  • Specialty appliances
  • Customized storage
  • Additional pantry room

You hate countertop clutter

Many small appliances cannot be stored in older homes due to a lack of storage space. 20 years ago, there were no rice steamers, air fryers, Instant Pots, or other modern conveniences for homeowners. If you’re having trouble finding space to prep your food on your countertops because they’re cluttered, it’s time to take action.

Your appliances have passed their prime

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Old appliances add significantly to your energy expenditure in addition to looking dated. New appliances are designed with efficiency in mind, with low-maintenance finishes and features you never imagined.

Consider preheating your oven before you arrive home from work. Imagine being able to instruct your faucet to dispense the appropriate amount of water into your cup or asking your range hood’s screen for cooking tips. These are just a handful of modern kitchen fixtures and equipment that include smart functions.

It’s hard to see what you are doing

The kitchen serves as more than just a place to prepare meals because it is the heart of a home. In our kitchens, we dine, entertain, do schoolwork, and play games. Ample lighting is required for all of these activities. It’s time for an upgrade if you have trouble seeing what you’re doing in the kitchen. You should use the following four kinds of lighting:

  • Ambient lighting—softly illuminates the entire room. It is provided by any kind of ceiling fixture and lets you move around but not take on close work.
  • Task lighting—shines on the current task. The space where you’re making food is illuminated by this strong light. An illustration might be pendant lights over the sink or puck or strip lighting under the cabinets.
  • Accent lighting—this kind of lighting focuses on a specific design feature, such as a glass-fronted cabinet holding precious dishes or an item of art.
  • Decorative lighting—is primarily for decoration rather than lighting. A crystal chandelier is an excellent example.

 It can’t be kept clean

You might stay away from using your kitchen entirely if you have trouble keeping it tidy. The homeowner will save time and annoyance by getting new flooring, countertops, and appliances that have maintenance-free finishes. If you want a kitchen that is simple to keep clean, talk to your kitchen designer about:

  • Appliances that don’t leave traces
  • Natural countertops that have been factory-sealed
  • “Quick clean” mode ovens
  • Warm water-cleansable flooring
  • A vacuum integrated underneath your cabinets

You want a new look

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The second most common reason for kitchen remodeling is “can’t stand the old kitchen.” You can tell when you’re sick of your old kitchen.

The kitchen may also no longer blend in with the rest of your design if you have been redesigning your house gradually, saving it for last. A design-build remodeler may provide you with tips on how to make each room in your house flow into the next.

You want to remain in your home as you age

Moving is exhausting. Especially if you have spent a long time at your house. A universally designed kitchen makeover will enable you to stay in your forever home if you don’t want to pack up and leave your memories behind.

Universal design principles minimize the need for dangerous step stools, make items simpler to reach, and can even cushion the floor. Here are a few ideas for aging-in-place kitchen renovations:

  • Opening up the floor plan to allow for the usage of a walker or wheelchair
  • Taking door curbs out
  • replacing cabinet handles and doorknobs with loop-style handles
  • Installing pull-down shelves or pull-out shelves in the higher cabinets for easier access
  • Substituting a cooktop and wall oven for the range, which is a lot simpler to use

Adding value to your property through a kitchen remodel is just one benefit. You should get in touch with Georgia’s Midtown Builders Group’s design-build renovation team now that you know it’s time for your kitchen remodel. They are aware of the evident signals that a kitchen renovation is due. Call 706-457-0012 or ​770-500-9014 to make an appointment. They are ready to provide friendly and knowledgeable advice.