How To Make Your Home Kid-Friendly and Child-Proof

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Our home is a place of comfort, safety, and security for all of those who live there, whether young or old. If you’re only thinking of yourself when it comes to making your home safe, this will be relatively easier than having a kid in your home.

With a child in your home, you will find yourself suddenly looking at every square inch of your house because it is indeed a challenge to make your house safe for a child.

Toddlers and younger children tend to be always-on-the move at that age. They are curious and they are just about ready to walk wherever they want or touch whatever they can get their hands on. Therefore, it is our responsibility as their parent or guardian to make sure that we have created a child-proof home for them.

Aside from keeping your home safe to avoid harm on the children who live in the house, it is important that they feel like their homes are something that they are excited to come home to. Your home must be an environment for growth, learning, and be fun as well.

We will be sharing with you ways on how we can make your home kid-friendly not just for your own child or children but for any child who comes and visits your home. Take note that making your home child-friendly is a process and can be quite challenging. You might be overwhelmed with everything that you need to do to truly make your home 100% child-friendly or child-proof. The important thing is first to be knowledgeable and aware of this process and take each important aspect one by one.

How To Make Your Home Kid Friendly and Child Proof - How To Make Your Home Kid-Friendly and Child-Proof

Ways To Make Your Home Child-Proof

1. Baby or Toddler Gates

Most living rooms of child-proof homes have mini-gates that prevent your child from getting into areas that they aren’t supposed to. These are especially important for toddlers who love to walk or crawl around whenever they get the chance to.

2. Move Table Edges Away

The likelihood of children getting injured by bumping their heads on table edges is high. We all know that most table edges are naturally sharp whether it is wood, steel, or glass. While these are naturally sharp, there are still some things that we can do to prevent damage caused by the table edges.

We can move them away or put them in a corner that can’t be reached by your child. Aside from that, if you have a glass table, you must be aware of whether it is the kind of glass easily shatters. If yes, then it might cause more damage or injury.

3. Rooms In The First Floor

A lot of families love having homes with two-stories. Who wouldn’t? There are a lot of things that you can do with a two-story home. What usually happens with two-story houses is that all the rooms are located upstairs or on the second floor. However, what parents or guardians seldom realize is that for the time being it is much safer for you and your children will sleep on the ground floor. With this kind of set-up, the chances of children falling down the stairs are unlikely.

4. Playroom

Playroom - How To Make Your Home Kid-Friendly and Child-Proof
It can be extremely difficult to ensure a 110% child-proof living room, especially if you are the type to use glass vases for your plants. With that in mind, why not put in a playroom on the ground floor as well to be used as your kids’ space? It is important that as children, they know they have a place of their own! They can paint, build a Lego set, or whatever!

5. Guard The Kitchen

With all the different utensils and tools used in the kitchen, the danger is screaming. However, as adults, of course, we can always do something about that. First things first, we have to protect the lower cabinets. These lower cabinets may have some extremely sharp objects in there and the kids might just grab it. It’s important we keep them child-locked.

It is also important to make sure that the microwave is out of reach. Are your countertops too low? Maybe it’s time you gave it a re-do.

Ways To Make Your Home Kid-Friendly

1. A Safe Backyard

In the modern-day setting of iPads, play stations, and mobile phones, we need to give children more outdoor experiences. For that to happen, we first need to give them a safe space to do that. While indoors are deemed as the safest spot for children’s activities, sometimes it’s better to be out in the sun where the child can fully experience physical activities.

With that, we are able to contribute to the child’s early development of social interaction, strategy, and logical thinking as well as play all sorts of games and activities. Why not invite their classmates or cousins too?

We just have to make sure that in order for that backyard to be safe, there must be no sharp objects that your child can possibly get a hold of. Why not make sure that there is a shaded veranda where you could enjoy your afternoon snack while looking after the kids? Perfect!

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Silly

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Silly - How To Make Your Home Kid-Friendly and Child-Proof

You may feel like the way your home looks today will look like that forever. Of course not! There are dozens of construction and renovation companies like us, Midtown Builders, that can help you with.

Don’t be afraid to get silly and also let your child help with your decorating decisions. If the child feels like he needs a set of playful cushions in his room, why not? Giving them a chance to be involved in these decisions will make them feel important and give them a sense of responsibility.

3. Incorporate Nature

While being in the backyard is definitely a huge nature breather, they won’t be in the backyard all day and all week. Even if they are playing indoors, it is important that they still have nature in their spaces.

You can add more plants into the living rooms or in their own playrooms. Why not let your child handle a succulent? Doing so may give your child a chance to learn about looking after a living thing and nourishing it.

4. Colorful and Fun Storage Is Key

Colorful and Fun Storage Is Key - How To Make Your Home Kid-Friendly and Child-Proof

In a house with full of kids or even with just one kid, a huge mess is bound to happen. Toys are all over the floor, crayons not in their boxes, milk bottles unwashed. While the milk bottles are certainly the parent’s or guardian’s duty, the toys and crayons might not be entirely the parent’s fault.

At a young age, we can already teach the kids to be neat and tidy. To help with that, it’s nice to set up a colorful, fun, or child-pleasing storage that can motivate and encourage them to clean after. You may set up cabinets or purchase plastic storage online or from the hardware shop. There are so many ways to keep the home neat and tidy!

Now that all of these tips and tricks have been laid out to help you, you may feel like your house isn’t child-proof or kid-friendly at all. Don’t worry, because as we’ve said, there are multiple ways you can convert your home into a safe and more comfortable space for you and the children.