It is everyone’s dream to design a home from scratch. With a custom home, there is so much opportunity and possibility. When you live in an existing home, it seems that you are trying to fit your life into other people’s concepts. Nevertheless, in custom homes, your space is tailor-made specifically to you and your preferences.

However, it is important to know that custom homes are not all rainbows and unicorns. Even if you are well-experienced in the process, sometimes the task can be daunting. If you want to build your custom home from scratch, then here are the essential things that you should know.

Who Should You Hire?

One of the most important decisions you have to make is who should hire. The key is quality of work, however, it goes beyond that, you should also consider the quality of their character. Most of the issues that you might encounter on your building journey come from the lack of understanding and trust between the client and the builder. That is why you should take some time to ensure that you feel comfortable with the process as well as the people whom you will be working with. Talk to them about your goals including the budget, schedule, and results.

Nevertheless, it is also important that you should discuss how to resolve the issues that may come along the way. Things such as extreme delays, going beyond the budget, and quality of work should be discussed thoroughly. To prevent any frustrations, both of you should be on the same page when the worst scenarios occur.

Hire a Builder, Designer, And Architect

When it comes to building a home, different professionals have different roles to play. Based on a high-level perspective, it is the architects who create the layout of the home, at the same time, they offer practical solutions to design problems.

The architect’s plans will then be taken to the builders to turn the vision into reality. Their main objective is to build your home as efficiently as possible. Hence, they are more focused on streamlining execution. On the other hand, the designers are the ones responsible for getting the little things done.

They are responsible for overseeing the interior of the home. Designers will put priority on details and finishes so they can make the space functional and appealing. This isn’t just about the lighting choices and the placement of furniture. In fact, it’s about everything from the tile grout thickness, hardwood stain, lighting placement, and anything in between.

All of these professionals are vital. Most people have the misconception that they only need to hire a builder and an architect. However, if you don’t hire a designer, then the finer details might fail. Take note that some firms are capable of tackling the role of an architect and builder simultaneously. Although these are excellent solutions, however, you need to make sure that all of these three roles are being fulfilled.

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Let A Lawyer to Review Your Contracts

Sometimes this step is something you will likely forget, especially if you are already excited to start immediately after hiring good people. But surprisingly, most builder contracts are created in favor of the builders themselves. A well-experienced lawyer knows where protective clauses should be added in order to balance the ground. This can ensure that you will be taken care of, in case things might go wrong.

Regardless of if you have a lot of good things about the builder and you feel like they can be trusted. However, it would be smart and reasonable to have something that can protect you.

Know Your Limitations

This might be surprising to you, nevertheless, even if you have Pinterest and Google, it does not mean that you have everything that you need for building a home. One of the greatest benefits of hiring a professional designer or builder is that they have the experience. They’ve learned everything the hard way.

They have built a library of sources, considerations, and information. You can challenge your contractors by bringing ideas to the table, asking difficult questions, and allowing them to back up their decisions. By choosing experts, you can always rely on their knowledge. Ultimately, you hired these professionals for a reason.

Create A Plan for Storage

Sometimes it’s fun to design a spacious kitchen and a bigger living room. But what if there is no more space for storing your linens, cleaning supplies, winter clothes, and many more? As you review your plans, try to find any dead areas that could be transformed into storage. If your architect is smart, then they can help you in maximizing your space so you can enjoy better everyday living.

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Review Your Floor Plan Based on Functionality Perspective

If you have not experienced building a home before, then the floor plan process can make you feel excited. At the same time, it is also important that you are thoughtful and diligent throughout the process. Obviously, you want your home to be beautiful, but at the same time,  you also want it to be extremely functional for everyday living.

You should consider how you are going to live your life in your home. Where should you place the front door? Does your house have a coat closet or a coat rack? Where should you place your keys? In what area should you keep your laundry baskets and ironing board? Be sure to go through your daily activities and try to imagine where they will take place. Do you include them in your plans?

Aside from functionality, you must also consider the scale. What is the measurement of every closet and room in the house? Although it might seem proportional on the printed page, however, it could be completely different on the actual.

Considering these details and making some modifications during the drafting stage can help you in avoiding stress, not to mention time and money.

Before Starting, Make Selections First

In order to ensure that you remain on track with your home build timeline, you should make the necessary decisions are made. If you have not done this before then it s hard to distinguish those important decisions. From the tile transitions to the exterior material and everything in between.

That is why it is best that you should ask your designer or builder what are the selections needed throughout the process and when will they need them. There are a lot of decisions to be made during the process and it is important to know how these decisions can affect the timeline.

For instance, one of the first decisions that you will make is choosing plumbing services. Although the decision about the kitchen faucet could come later on. You won’t be able to proceed with your drywall and insulation if the plumbing system will not be accomplished first. If you want to have peace of mind, then you should make the selections at the start. This can also help you in making a better budget while making sure that you have done your part in keeping the project on track.

Think About the Future

Avoid being short-sighted. Although there are things that you want right now, there are also some things that you will be needing later on. If you intend to stay for a long time in the home that you are building, then you should consider the things that are valuable down the road. For instance, a functional laundry room, a home office, additional bedrooms, etc. As your family grows, your needs will also grow.

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