The kitchen is considered one of the busiest rooms in your home especially if you have a large family. It is the place where you prepare and cook meals and entertain family and friends during celebrations. It should be your goal to upgrade your kitchen so you can use it to its full potential. 

If your kitchen in Metro Atlanta, Georgia is not big enough and you have been having a hard time using it, especially if you have guests over, maybe it’s time for you to have a kitchen addition. If you think your kitchen does not have enough space for you, you can contact construction companies like Midtown Builders Group. We offer addition and remodeling services so you can discuss with them the type of kitchen addition that you want for your home. 

Is the kitchen addition worth it? 

kitchen addition can bring a high ROI in case you want to sell your home in the future. A kitchen addition means adding high-quality appliances and maximizing the space by adding storage areas and improving its functionality. 

Why should you consider a kitchen addition in your home?

  • It can increase the counter space, you can add a kitchen island where you can prepare meals and entertain your guests. 
  • Expand the kitchen space; you can add storage and high-quality appliances.
  • Your kitchen addition can be converted into an entertainment area if you have family and friends during parties and celebrations.
  • It can change the kitchen’s floor plan and improve the flow in the kitchen by adding space for a user-friendly layout.
  • Helps increase the value of the home because kitchen remodels are one of the most profit-making home renovations.

What are the different ways to expand a kitchen?

An exterior kitchen addition is suitable for homes with extra space in their backyard. You can expand your kitchen while not disturbing the other rooms in your home. 

An interior adjustment can be done if you have extra space like a room that no one uses or if your kitchen is next to the garage that you barely use. You can do an interior space adjustment if it fits the layout of your home. 

Adding extra storage and arranging the appliances can be done in the kitchen addition. If you do not have extra space, and you cannot expand the square footage of your home or combine the kitchen with other rooms, you can opt for increasing the space inside the kitchen. For example, you can install a different cabinet and change the arrangement of the counter so you can clear some space to add more storage units. 

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When doing kitchen additions you can consider a kitchen bump out or a full addition. 

Full addition – It is done by building a kitchen addition to the home. It usually includes more area and more space will be needed. Full-size additions are costly so you must be prepared with a hefty budget just in case. 

Kitchen bump out – A kitchen bump out is also known as kitchen addition, kitchen add-on, or micro-addition. It is done by extending the home to increase the kitchen size so you can add more features or improve its layout.

A kitchen bump out is a renovation project focused on the kitchen only. It is more budget-friendly compared to a full kitchen addition. Since it is generally smaller than a full kitchen addition, it will require less time to build than a typical home addition. A kitchen bump out is usually done to increase the square footage of the kitchen but it is not considered a room addition itself. 

When adding a kitchen bump out, it makes the kitchen big enough to provide space so you can add a kitchen island. A kitchen island with seating can be added so you can use your kitchen as an entertainment area when you have guests in your home. 

Those who love to cook can upgrade their kitchen appliances with newer ones so they can improve their cooking experience. You can go for a wider French-door refrigerator to enhance storage space and you can opt for better stoves so you can cook your meals with ease. 

A kitchen bump out can also be turned into a dining area. This way you won’t be adding cabinets and appliances, allowing you to keep your costs to a minimum. This is recommended for homeowners that have a limited budget.

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What are the advantages of a kitchen bump out?

  • Cost-effective than building a full kitchen addition
  • Increases the kitchen space
  • A better solution if the property’s square footage is limited
  • Sometimes it does not require additional heating and cooling

What are the important aspects of a kitchen bump out? 

The exterior walls must be load-bearing. If a load-bearing wall must be removed, you must place a laminated veneer lumber beam so it will provide the necessary support it needs. If you want an open floor plan for your kitchen you must use multiple LVL beams which can be an expensive venture so you must plan accordingly.

Since a kitchen bump out adds a small space to your kitchen, you may not have to increase the heating or cooling capacity of your home. In case you need to add more, you can go for baseboard heaters, while cooling can be added by installing a window-unit air conditioner. 

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