Families with small children recognize the value of having a kid-friendly environment at home. You might not be aware that there are a lot of safety challenges for younger members in many households. Turning it into a family-friendly space not only addresses the most common obstacles but also improves the process and organization of the family’s daily routines. In addition, doing this does not mean sacrificing your dream design. There are many ways to create a safe, secure, and stylish space for you and your kids to enjoy.

Standard Features of a Kid-Friendly Space

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Sturdy Flooring

For many people, hardwood may be the flooring of choice. But even the most durable hardwood is at risk for damage. Scratches from toys or furniture being scraped and dragged on it are inevitable. Dents from dropping heavy toys and other things are unavoidable. Excessive moisture is another factor that may cause damage. Especially in heavy traffic areas, wear and tear will be more obvious.

Why not choose a good-quality laminate floor? This option is virtually impossible to ruin. It also appears to be incredibly realistic. Laminate is created from pressed wood. It is resistant to scratches, moisture, and other elements that may bring about wear and tear. In addition, it is easy to clean, and it is far less expensive than hardwood flooring.

Should you still prefer natural hardwood flooring, you may want to consider a rustic, pre-distressed hardwood with a matte, non-skid finish to make the occurrence of wear and tear less noticeable.

Anti-Stain Materials

Kids are fun to be around. But they can make a mess! It’s not just about spillages. Sometimes, they deliberately make their masterpieces on the walls, floors, and furniture. Washable interior paints are the solution to this dilemma. They are available in most home design stores.

If you have carpets in your rooms, upgrading to a stain-resistant type is helpful. Doing this will make food, juice, and paint spillage stress-free. Nobody will guess how your toddler might have dropped a glass of red fruit juice, soaking and splashing it over the carpet. Your home will be spotless.

Because of the chemical coat and finish of these washable paints and stain-resistant rugs and linens, stains are prevented from settling in. It will be easier to remove them and they leave no permanent damage. Ultimately, owning stain-resistant materials at home will save you from long hours of scrubbing to get rid of the mess.

Furthermore, to help with spills, placing rugs in specific areas in your living spaces can be beneficial. Rugs not only help with spills but also provide a more comfortable space for you and your kids to sit and play on the floor.

Family Bathroom

Larger families will find having a second sink in the bathroom heaven-sent. Younger or older kids will not need to fight over who’s using the sink first during the morning and evening routine.

Tiling the restroom walls halfway or even all the way to the top is a gem for those with very young children. Because tiles are more durable and easier to clean than plain walls, your bathroom will be free from toothpaste-smudged walls, murky handprints, or stinky toilet misses.

Easy-to-Organize Mudroom

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Manage your entryway better by adding shelving, lockers, and benches. Extra storage spaces and each family member’s locker will keep items that are used less often out of view.

If you have small children, they may find putting their coats and bags on low-hanging hooks. Benches will also keep them from kicking their shoes off. They can sit comfortably to take off their shoes, pick them up, and put them on their shelf or locker. Lockers allow you to close it if muddy shoes and other stuff are too unsightly for you.

Designated Play Area and Safety Gates

Even if your kids have their own rooms, they would typically play in the kitchen doorway or your great room. Why don’t you make room for them in their preferred spaces? You can designate small corners in the common room for them.

Follow their lead and identify their interests. If they are fond of making crafts, put a craft corner in the kitchen. Doing this gives them a safe space to express their creativity and personality. Don’t forget to include storage solutions in your plan to keep clutter at bay.

Utilize baskets and built-in shelves and ensure they are within reach so your children will learn independence in tidying up their stuff. Safety-wise, install gates where needed. For as long as anyone can remember, attaching a gate at both the top and bottom of the stairs can keep young children and toddlers from potential falls.

Retractable gates can also keep them away from areas they are not allowed in by themselves, swimming pools, for example. Supervision around the pool is crucial for young kids. In addition to gates, setting up pool alarms is excellent for alerting when someone has fallen in the water. Adding these safety features to your home can save your child from serious injury.

Safe Furniture

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Vital to a kid-friendly space is furniture with soft and rounded edges. Avoid sharp-edged tables, couches, and others. You can apply edge protectors to your existing furniture with harsh edges. Doing this limits the risks of mishaps.

Aside from edges, pay attention to furniture and other significant pieces at home that can tip over. It can topple over if the pieces are off-balanced and not properly anchored. Since it’s typical for babies and young kids to play around these fittings, they may hold, grab, and pull. Secure anti-tip kits, which are readily available in home improvement shops, to keep your large furniture locked in place.

Locks and Covers

A lock is one of the most common safety measures every parent has availed of at least once. Locks can be used for toilets, cabinets, and windows. On the other hand, covers can also be applied to electrical outlets and plugs. These are one of the most accessible hazards around the house that can harm your children.

Surveillance Cameras

Last but not least, through cameras situated in specific areas at home, you can have eyes around the house to watch your kids. It’s like being in two or more places at one time. You can quickly check in on your kids even when you’re away.

Kids can create a lot of messes around the home. They can be tough to manage, especially if you want a pristine home. A simple change in design, thoughtful planning, and a few tweaks to your pieces can help create a longer-lasting and kid-friendly home.

The features mentioned above can make it possible for you to achieve your dream design while being safe for the kids. Your home can be perfect for the entire family. Midtown Builders Group offers custom home building, renovations, additions, and light commercial constructions. Do you want to build a more kid-friendly home? Call us today at 706-457-0012. You can also send an email to jcainmbg@gmail.com or tkimballmbg@gmail.com.